kids easter bonnetsI can not not write on the Easter Eve.
It’s what’s it’s all about.
Redemption and forgiveness.
the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
“God’s plans for the redemption of his world”

jelly bean hat
I haven’t written lately because the thing I want to write about, I don’t want to write.
Everyone else is and I’d like to stay far away.
I will just say this briefly, We need Hillary.
I love Bernie and thank him for bringing big issues forth and for getting the younger voters excited but we are in a mess and need someone who can get things done. End of story .
And she brings him( Bill) and his major mind along with.
I’m not crazy about her really but this isn’t a popularity contest. It’s who is the best person qualified for the job and she is.
‘Nough said.
Our country needs some redeeming as does the world. Of all of them , I wholeheartedly  do believe she’s the only one of the gang who has a chance of helping to do that.
I repeat, “nough said, and I’ll try to stay out of that pool.

WHAT I really want to share this go ‘round is poetry!!
How it may be the last thing we make time for in our busy, busy, sometimes too busy, lives.
But it really is such a heart-wrenching form of literature.
I’ve been reading poetry again after years thanks to one of the writers in the writing group I’m in, Paula Rudnick. She’s been crafting wonderful short stories for years, but a year ago she came out as a poet.
It was amazing literally watching someone walk into their true calling…listening to the sound of someone hitting their perfect pitch.
Anyway because of Miss P the Poet,  the Easter Eggs I’m sharing are these two, I think , beautiful and smart poems.

All my anxiety is separation anxiety.

I want to believe you are here with me,

But the bed is bigger and the trash

Overflows. Someone righteous should

Take out my garbage. I am so many odd

And enviable things. Righteous is not

One of them. I’d rather a man to avoid

Than a man to imagine in a realm

Unseen, though even the doctor who

Shut your eyes swears you’re somewhere

As close as breath. Mine, not yours.

You don’t have breath. You got

Heaven. That’s supposed to be my

Haven. I want you to tell me it sparkles

There. I want you to tell me anything

Again and again while I turn you over

To quiet you or to wake and remind you

I can’t be expected to clean up after a man.

He’s a grown up celebrated poet. Google him.

And then there’s;

The Key to Myself

You can take a tiny key and open up my brain

Then you’ll see the world in my brain

The factory where they make my thoughts

The storage where they keep my subconscious

The city of imagination where my creativity likes to hang out

The peaceful garden where my good dreams are planted

The graveyard where my bad dreams are buried

The paper planet where I get ideas for my doodles

The plains where I think

The empty sea of what I don’t know yet

It gets filled up every day

The amusement park of fun and creativity

The portal to the dimension of dark thoughts

The portal to the dimension of happy thoughts

The daycare of my memories as a baby

Most have went away
But some are still there

The whacky circus of my crazy dreams

The dog Coco who inside my brain is giant and epic

You will see the world in my brain.
-Sammy White

A 10 year old poet who knocked my socks and shoes off with this!!
It restored and redeemed my hope, reading this poem did.
!0 years old!!! His parents are both writers but come on…
Mighty young old soul there.

Happy Easter. Go give and get some love and spread it around.
And for your viewing pleasure…Easter bonnets!!!!Easter bonnet 1
As usual with love
ASanother easter hat


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  1. Lisa Farley says:

    So much good and bad out there. It’s good to listen to your positive thoughts. It helps bring me back from my fears, for the world, for my children, for my grandchildren. Thanks.

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