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The Way We Roll

family photo

If anyone thought I would go through my, our, my husband and my, 20th anniversary week and not touch it at all, well that’s only because those people don’t know how predicable I really am. Why keep private what I can gnaw on in public. So first off, does anyone besides me hear Billy Crystal  as the  nasally old Jewish Wizard in The Princess Bride, saying “Maaawriage” practically every time […]

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Aunts and Uncles Day

Auntie Coise after a 12 hr flight!

As Mother’s Day, then Father’s Day , will soon be upon us, I’ve been thinking it’s really a shame no one has come up with Aunt’s and Uncle’s Day. Seriously, am sure someone at Hallmark could’ve come up with some groovy ( yes, I still drag that out from time to time)cards in praise of aunties and uncles.So surprising that money making category hasn’t been tapped. Waiting for me I guess!  Walking […]

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Trouble Again


As expected I’m already in trouble with this thing. Oh yeah. Am sure to be slapped with a confidentiality clause any second now. Let’s just say I’ve been put on notice, warned, not to turn this into the life and times of Annie stein Reality show. The Moobs. That’s what did it. ‘Nuff said. So meanwhile it is a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. Sunny, mild to warm LA day. […]

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