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Hot Tip Alert! # Great Things to do in LA This Week!

Annie Stein

This is not a blog entry.  Driving back up my hill this morning I thought about the several really terrific things coming up that I had to send email blasts out about because they are so good I want everyone to know about them. Then it occurred to me. That’s  why  a girl has a website…so she ‘ll  never have to email blast again!  Annie’s Hot Tips For July: Shakespeare LA […]

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The Friendship Series

first rose

Starting out with a sob story this week, but no worries; I wont belabor it. It’s reminiscent of my disaster last summer that I chronicled on HuffPo and . Achievable if you care to make that leap! Here is a picture of my first rose of the season. They have been slow bloomers extraordinaire, my sweet roses, scaring me into fearing they might not bloom until the fall. I […]

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