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August 22, 1970

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Wondering how to start this blog entry – with so much to spout about; writing the date alone solved that minor problem.  August 22nd.  On this day in 1970,  I was 19.  I stood and said I do;  That I would love, honor, and obey, the 29 (30 in September), year old man I was standing beside in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, NY. […]

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She’s Back!

Ron Radiziner Pre fab

Yes indeed I’m back! With several things to blog about. “Blog”,  I have to admit is another word I made fun of and an action I said I’d never ever do.  Who’s the genius who said “never say never”?  I’ve a laundry list of things I do that I swore I never would , from giving a blow job to owning a small dog. The first I heard about at […]

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