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Color Coded

multi racial babies

There’s a lesson to be learned from every situation in life; good, bad, or horrific. Sometimes more than one if you pay close attention. A dear friend of mine is in the hospital. She’s had pancreatic cancer for over two years and three weeks ago her colon burst. She’s been in the critical care unit since then and  has undergone six surgeries. Six surgeries in three weeks! She has tubes […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Annie Stein

 Like many people I know I’ve just returned from dropping my daughter of at college. My youngest. My baby. The one 6 years and 10 months younger than my first daughter who I’ve always referred to as a “self cleaning oven” because her M. O. from the beginning was to self motivate and get the job done. Not so with my little puppy. Anyone with more than one child can testify […]

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