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They Say It Better


Today I’m having a re-posting party. Not out of laziness, but because the three pieces I’m posting are, too me, touching, informative and important and I so hope you read them. I’ve been pondering a lot lately. With so many things going on in the world, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sadness of it all. But that just leads to inertia and the feeling of being at affect. What […]

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Preaching to the Choir


Ok, I know I’m going to be preaching to the choir here, but choir, listen up. It’s time to sing out. Being pissed off, disheartened, frustrated, and disgusted by what’s going on in this county – be it quietly or loudly in your mind or with friends – just isn’t good enough. The horrific lack of respect shown to our president is intolerable. Whether from Republican Congress members (Sen. Tom […]

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Ba Bye Short Shorts, Hello Getty!

Ba Bye - Annie Stein

Years ago, stopped at a red light, I watched an elderly gentleman cross the street eating a candy bar. Since I was the first car in line and he walked right in front of me, I could see it was a Baby Ruth and I could also see his face as he ate it. He was in heaven. The old man looked like a 10 year old boy just let […]

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