About Annie Stein


Annie O’Neill Stein believes in the power of dreams. Growing up, summers on the beach on Long Island were spent dreaming of becoming an actress. She dared to double dream; she’d be an actress then a writer!

Acting brought her from the off-Broadway theaters of New York to the sound stages of “Hollywood.” After appearing in plays, films and TV shows, feeling “complete with that experience”, she said goodbye to her agent, and enrolled in UCLA’s writers program.

“Styling” TV commercials, directing fashion shows and being a fashion consultant weren’t on her wish list, but when they fell in her lap, she greeted them with open arms, stepped into her Manolo’s, and ran.

It was a great ten year stint, working with noted photographers like Norman Seeff and Douglas Kirkland, culminating with being Jay Leno’s “fashion consultant” his first year on the Tonight show, the year he won TV Guide’s Best Dressed TV host.

With writing always there, like a lighthouse she knew she’d return to, she married, helped open restaurants, had her first beautiful daughter, got remarried, had her second beautiful daughter, then took pen in hand and started blitzkrieging through moleskin notebooks before passionately embracing the laptop as her best friend and companion.

Passion and timing, she decided, are key to making dreams come true!

Current passions; husband/children/ family/ dogs, writing, connecting and inspiring, empowering at-risk youth, Joan Didion’s writing, paddle surfing, singing with the Brookinaire Gospel Choir, great resale boutiques, telling friends about said resale boutiques, The Goldfinch, French fries and Francoise Kirkland’s apple Tarte Tatin!

Annie is a contributing blogger on the Huffington Post, as well as on Amy Ephron’s blog, www.oneforthetable.com (“food, love and politics”). She’s written for The New York Times, More, Distinction and C magazines, and has taught creative writing workshops to at-risk teens, edited a book of short stories and tiny tales from foster youth, “Beauty From Ashes” (amazon.com), and is working on a collection of short stories that changes titles the way Jimmy Choo changes shoe styles.

She believes wholeheartedly in going for depth and authenticity, but doing so wearing good shoes and having a great haircut.

She also believes, wholeheartedly, in the importance of sharing, caring, and yes, what we’re wearing.

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