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They’re Still Young

2015-02-24-covershot.jpgPhotographer Douglas Kirkland’s new book of photographs is a collaboration with his wife and partner of 47 years, Francoise. It is a love story as well as a story of innocence and freedom and of a time past that remains in their hearts and on the pages of this new book.

When We Were Young is the pictorial story of the summer in 1972 when, newly in love, they spent a month at Francoise’s family country house in the south of France. So different from his last book, A Life In Pictures, a weighty, gorgeous coffee table collection of celebrity shots he’s taken over the last five decades which is a tribute to every single person in the book as well as to his outstanding career, When We Were Young is an intimate look into Douglas Kirkland the man, the lover, and the free spirit he still, at 80, is. It is a public Valentine. And it’s a ride back to a simpler, freer, and more innocent time for many of us. (more…)

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Via Alloro

When relatives come for the holidays in the words of the Eagles, it can be “heaven or it can be hell”. In our case it was delicious!

My favorite Aunt and Uncle escaped the blistering cold of NYC during this past holiday season and came to visit my family and get a bit of LA sunshine. My uncle is a man who loves his food. It is second only to his wife, my aunt who he’s been married to for 32 years and he is still as gaga and giddy as a love struck teenager. It is quite beautiful to behold. As is his wide eyed appraisal of a good menu.


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A Christmas Memory

One of my best memories, one that is worth much more to me than money in the bank, is of Christmas at my Grandfather’s when I was a young girl. My grandfather was a larger than life personage. At least to me. In actuality (more…)

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Waves of Valor

For years I drove through the Los Angeles VA on a regular basis, if not appalled, definitely saddened by what I saw. It was my shortcut home from my kid’s school on the Westside of LA to our house east of the 405 freeway. It was the best way to circumvent the infamous nightmare called LA traffic. While driving through the VA with the kids in the back doing homework, listening to music on their iPods, or fighting, sometimes, all three simultaneously, I’d look around. (more…)

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Life’s a Picnic, A Beach Picnic

LBC Sign

If a group of 10 people playing the word association game were given the word “summer”, chances are at least half would say picnic. Probably more. For me, the best summer picnic, the only summer picnic, is a beach picnic. My family wasn’t park picnickers or picnic in the woods people. We were Long Island beach lovers. And that’s where we did our picnicking.

Every summer from the time I remember…

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Much Ado About Something

23rd Annual "Simply Shakespeare" Benefit ReadingThe Shakespeare Center of LA has done what a lot of non-profits never get the chance to do: grown up. Well into its twenties, now it seems to be fulfilling its potential and then profits didn’t make, but SCLA, though still having to work hard for every penny, is at 28 a success story.

Started in 1986 as the Shakespeare Festival LA, it was the child of Ben Donenberg’s heart. Donenberg…

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Cool as a Cute Little Cucumber Gazpacho

Isn’t it great to be blessed with friends who entertain beautifully, who attend to every detail, artistically, with care and flare? Friends who take pleasure in delighting with beauty and richness?

I am one lucky ducky in this department for sure. Most of my friends enjoy setting a pretty table and “doing the flowers” as I call decorating when having guests over for a meal. A couple of my peeps, though, are off the charts in this department which causes me to spend most of my time wandering around their house saying “wow I love that,” like I haven’t read a newspaper in weeks and have nothing else to say for myself, or like a gal from East Podunk, straight off the farm, who’s never seen a formal place setting before let alone matching salt and pepper shakers. Or someone in awe of people who create beauty and inspire me by the things they think of and do. Please say the latter.

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Man Gives Religion a Bad Name

Here’s a household argument that’s been going on far too long in my particular household: the good of religion argument. In an effort to lay it low once and for all, I’m making public my take on the whole thing, and why I, indeed, love going to churches, temples, or even to a funky storefront with a handful of people in praise of something higher than all of us combined.

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There’s a New Cake in Town

Lady M Cakes

Lady M Cakes – Yum!


There’s a new cake in town. Actually, it’s a whole boutique full of cake and it’s here to stay! Lady M, the glorious cake boutique with three locations in New York City opened in LA last August, quietly without much fanfare but with a line out the door. It seems word spread fast among cake connoisseurs….

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Better Than Butter

Who knew, other than the Irish themselves perhaps, that they make THE BEST FRIED EGGS on the planet. OMG as we Americans with teenagers still at home say, the fried eggs in Ireland are extraordinary. Boy do those Irish know how to fry an egg. They are, in Kelly Osborne’s favorite word (I have no shame in admitting Fashion Police is our family show of choice!) “perfection.”

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