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Death Valley Days

Right up front let’s just say Death Valley is not a destination trip for foodies. Don’t fool yourself for a minute on that score. Death Valley is where you go to see extraordinary beauty, hike mind blowing rock formations, find God or ingest mushrooms (not particularly in that order), but one does not go for culinary arousal. Not that you can’t eat well and enjoy some surprisingly good meals but as my illustrious travel companion (i.e. foodie daughter) pointed out, that is because we weren’t expecting much.

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Bonded By Food

My daughter has the kind of relationship with her grandmother that I envy. I have only one memory of my maternal grandmother; she’s lying in a hospital looking small and old offering me Schrafft’s sourballs out of their clear glass jar. At 55, after birthing 13 children, she died of breast cancer. My paternal grandmother lived with us for a year when I was a girl so I have more memories of her. In each one she is wearing black from head to toe and in all of them, clutching her rosary beads.

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Gerd Ludwig, Chernobyl Through His Lens

This HuffPo is about National Geographic Photo Journalist Gerd Ludwig and his obsession to keep us aware of Chernobyl’s effects over the last 28 years since the nuclear explosion there through his AMAZING Photo’s .
His dedication absolutely floors me.

Please give this a read . If , IF , you have a second to comment, that is how it works!

But most importantly, hope you enjoy the piece!

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Journey to Planet Sanity

Journey to Planet… HUH? Quirky and kind. How’s that for a recommend! Journey to Planet Sanity, produced by Wunderkind Pictures, written, directed and starring Blake Freeman, sets out to do something (and does it) many of us have wanted to do for years; bust charlatans. There is something downright distasteful to the point of being evil about pseudo psychics. And there is something just stupid about people who talk about alien invaders they have seen crawl….

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Mandatory Viewing

Yesterday I sat through two and a half of the most excruciating hours of my life. Sat through, twisted my torso through, felt like throwing up through. But I stayed there riveted, horrified, sickened and saddened beyond belief. I was at a movie, “Twelve Years a Slave.” A movie that should, in my humble yet convinced opinion, be required viewing for every American over the age of fifteen. It is based on the true story of a black man, a father, a husband, a violinist, a cultured, educated, middle class citizen of…

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Scarlett Rouge and Her Mama Michele

Scarlett has a formidable mother. Famous in several circles and my bet is that even before Scarlett’s mother was famous she was formidable. Her mother is small. No, she is petite. Petite and formidable. Artist Scarlett Rouge’s mother is Michele Lamy, wife, muse and business partner of fashion designer Rick Owens. Michele had a name and a following long before Rick Owens became a name and a “brand” and was, at just a tad over five feet tall and less than 100 pounds, a force of to be reckoned with. Like that other French…

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