Years ago, stopped at a red light, I watched an elderly gentleman cross the street eating a candy bar. Since I was the first car in line and he walked right in front of me, I could see it was a Baby Ruth and I could also see his face as he ate it. He was in heaven.
The old man looked like a 10 year old boy just let out of school, enjoying his reward for spending 8 hours in hell.
I was mesmerized by the sight of him. And by the candy bar, as it used to be my favorite. At that point I hadn’t had sugar in almost 10 years. At 21 I became a vegetarian and foreswore sugar and all of the junk food of my youth to live a pure (fanatic) life. That man was lucky I didn’t leave the car in park, hop out and grab that Baby Ruth I wanted it so badly. Instead I just watched him taking his time savoring it, as well as crossing the street, mind you.
Watching him I made a decision. When I turned 60, maintenance was over! Finito! If I wanted to eat Baby Ruth’s or OH Henry’s or Nestlé’s Crunch Bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so be it, Baby! Enough is enough. It would be fabulous. Just thinking about it made me happy! Before the light turned green I promised my 30 year old self that in 30 more years I was letting it all go. No more forcing myself out of bed to work out, no more pretending seaweed and brown rice tasted better than a medium rare New York steak, no more would a baked apple with a drizzle of raw honey stand in for a hot fudge sundae. Ah Sweet 60…I’d be free to be me!!!
How could I know then that by the time I got there, 60 would be the new 40 and I’d be foiled again!
The good news is that by about 45 that self imposed fanaticism wore off and I embraced the idea of living, and eating, a balanced life. Meat, sugar, diary, all made their way back into my life. In moderation. But that man never left my mind. Nor did the idea that at 60 I could loosen the reins, dial back the maintenance, leisurely cross the street at my own pace.

Barneys ad Christy B - Annie Stein

Christie Brinkley

Now friggin’ Christy Brinkley goes on the nightly news and announces that she, at 61, and a bunch of her other model pals her age are going to do this big Barney’s ad campaign showing the world that at 60, “We’ve still got it!”
First let me say this has no right being on the nightly news. More fluff to keep us from what’s really going on. Next…the pictures from this ad campaign; Christy and the girls draped over half naked 20 something year old boys with sculpted six packs…come on.
Didn’t that overly used expression, “been there, done that” reach those ladies ears.
Christy closed her segment saying at 61 she can still keep up with the latest fashion trends adding;
“I can rock a pair of shorts” where upon she lifted her leg in the air. As my daughter used to say, I threw up in my mouth.
Of course you can “rock a pair of short shorts when your sole ambition and job in life is to look great. And you know what Christy, if that is what you want, you go girl. But not me.
I don’t need or want to keep up with the youthful fashion trends of today. I had my turn to do that and now it’s my turn to move over and let the real 20, 30 and 40 year olds have theirs.

Jeff and Annie Stein

My salt n pepper!

Do I want to look like my friend Bobby Hart’s grandmother looked back when we were 13 and she was 60 , walking around the beach club in a bathing suit with a skirt that came to her knees? No. Am not going that route either. I trust my own sense of style and my innate vanity to keep me looking and feeling good without going to either extreme and my sense is that most of my friends feel the same way.
Personally, I’d rather drape myself across a good looking man with wisdom in his eyes, salt n pepper hair on his head and love handles instead of a sculpted six pack. Call me crazy, but that’s what I find sexy.
Let’s not forget, Mrs. Robinson was a bored housewife with a drinking problem!

winged boy josef koudelka

winged boy josef koudelka

And now for something fabulous, get thee to the Getty! There is a “Must See” photography show up now until March 22nd.
Josef Koudelka’s show titled Nationality Doubtful, is his first U.S. retrospective since 1988 and it covers the last five decades of his amazing work. Huge shout out to my culture junkie friend, Bette Light, for telling me to run don’t walk to see this show.
Koudelka, born in Czechoslovakia, began taking pictures of theatrical troops and Gypsy Camps in the early 1960’s and in 1968 he documented the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. His smuggled negatives, printed in Time and Newsweek and The NYT’s Sunday Magazine and several French and British magazines showed the world first hand accounts of what was going on in his native land.
His series called Exiles show haunting images of lonely isolated people, places and animals, as well as reflections of how he views himself. A man without a country, a man on the move, a man whose nationality is doubtful. His photo’s speak, I think, to the lonely and isolated place in each of us and are both sad and incredibly beautiful.
He was in LA for his Getty opening and I would have loved to have met him. A friend of mine did. She attended a party given in his honor and said he, at 77, is as wonderful as I would imagine. Wisdom in his eyes? Absolutely! She didn’t comment on love handles!

Gypsy image josef Koudelka

Gypsy image josef Koudelka

The J.M.W. Turner exhibit is there now and Totally Gorgeous! Up until May 24th.

Can anyone relate to this; every time I go to NYC I run around trying to fit in every museum show up. OK, that’s a stretch, but the major’s. Every time I go to the Getty I am awed and ask myself why , when it’s 15 minuets from my house , I’m not there every week. Talk about flowers in our own back yard.

Now I’m about to give a really good fashion share. Besides not wearing short shorts anymore I’m not spending 1,500.00 plus for shoes or 3,000.00 plus for bags. And I love me some shoes and bags!
But to me it just seems so out of whack with where my money needs to go these days.
Cutting to the chase, I’m sharing some great resale resources …so we can all have our shoes and wear them too!!!

Great Labels….1126 Wilshire Blvd, SM ph. 424 285 5569
Great Labels (sister store) 12260 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, 818 691 1284

Decades ….8214 Melrose Ave, LA. 323 655 1960 ( Best and most $)

Haute Seconds…2629Wilshire Blvd SM 310 828 6500 ( Great Bags )

In NYC, Michael’s 1041 Madison Ave, ( 2nd Fl.) NY 10075 , 212 737 7273

And my most fun of all; Heritage Auctions, go online and sign up for their weekly online luxury goods auction. You’ll get the emailed inventory Sunday night. Such fun to look! Great bags.
Auctions end Tuesday night. Really good place to buy and sell.
If you are going to London or Paris, ask me… I know places there too!

Fashion Over 50 - Annie Stein

Fashion Over 50

OK enough for now. FYI, I have moved my let it all go age to 70 with the door open to stretching it to 80. After that, come on over for breakfast…cold coke in a bottle and a Baby Ruth bar, stay for some chocolate cake for lunch, I’ll be spinnin’ Jimmy Hendrix’s Purple Haze, all of Marvin, and maybe some early Elvis Costello and having a fine time!

As usual with love,


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  1. Matty O'Neill says:


  2. Leone Webster says:

    This is so” right on” Despite being a respectable looking 66, I have no interest in playing in the perfection ball game. I love looking at my beautiful daughters and their friends and their cool looking boyfriends. Who needs to compete?

  3. Helen Storey says:

    Another great post Annie – Thanks for caring and sharing !
    If its what is on the inside that counts then I say let it be chocolate

  4. Philip Smith says:

    Fantastic Post Annie!!!!!

  5. Very funny and very true Miss Annie!
    But I am over 70 and not quite ready to let it all go yet. Can i wait till 90???

  6. Susie Blakely says:

    Oh Annie, this brought a big ole smile to my face. You hit the nail on the head. As I think you know, I’ve never wasted time at the gym or denied myself anything I really wanted to eat. Life is truly too damn short.
    Love the sexy shot of you and Jeff.

  7. Glynis says:

    I must admit that I see this one a little differently. I find myself very consumed with the state of women in the world in these tumultuous times. Even though it’s always been there, I find myself accutely aware and sensitivite to sexism and ageism both big and small. The invisibility that seems to be required of women over 50 is something I’d like to see change. We all go about things differently and women are now looking really wonderful, never mind a few lines or bulges, into old age. The same can’t be said of the men (well in London anyway!) who are so contemptuous of older women. I like women who refuse to be invisible ( in whatever way they choose to do it) and fully intend to be one myself! Xx

  8. Shelby Chong says:

    Loved it!!!

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