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Crippling Our Kids

Annie Stein

  Crippling our Kids Once upon a time in the land of fantasy and fun, aka Hollywood, there was a young actress fresh off the plane from New York City. This, by the way, is a true story which I will try to tell briefly, wordy witch that I am! This young actress came straight from doing lots of theater in NYC, and as the “new kid in town” began working […]

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The “ISM” Prison

Peyton & Petey

Blog Post July 16, 2015 I’ve got the “isms” on my mind lately. They seem to be in my face everywhere I turn. Having said that I know I’m not alone in my thinking or processing any number of them: racism, gender-ism, sexism. Take your pick or, as the saying goes, pick your poison because truly they are all poisonous. It’s the sad truth that nothing really becomes real for […]

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Finding Joy

Annie Stein

I’m baaaaack! And with much to say! Grab a snack. It’s been an active few months in my world. Went to London to see the Queen…Ok I lied. It was the princess, my daughter, who goes to school there! Then back home to pack up our house which we’ve leased out for a few months and move way out here to Zuma Beach. Zuma can be described as the un-chic end […]

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Power Weekend


It’s Saturday morning of this powerful weekend. Passover and Easter on the same weekend. And because I’m out in the desert with a healthy imagination and a spiritual bent, I’m sitting out looking out at the mountains contemplating both of those original events and their meaning, message, and gifts to us. Freedom from bondage and redemption. The power of both is beyond wonderful and truly to be hoped for. Whatever […]

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They Say It Better


Today I’m having a re-posting party. Not out of laziness, but because the three pieces I’m posting are, too me, touching, informative and important and I so hope you read them. I’ve been pondering a lot lately. With so many things going on in the world, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sadness of it all. But that just leads to inertia and the feeling of being at affect. What […]

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Preaching to the Choir


Ok, I know I’m going to be preaching to the choir here, but choir, listen up. It’s time to sing out. Being pissed off, disheartened, frustrated, and disgusted by what’s going on in this county – be it quietly or loudly in your mind or with friends – just isn’t good enough. The horrific lack of respect shown to our president is intolerable. Whether from Republican Congress members (Sen. Tom […]

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Ba Bye Short Shorts, Hello Getty!

Ba Bye - Annie Stein

Years ago, stopped at a red light, I watched an elderly gentleman cross the street eating a candy bar. Since I was the first car in line and he walked right in front of me, I could see it was a Baby Ruth and I could also see his face as he ate it. He was in heaven. The old man looked like a 10 year old boy just let […]

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Brian, Bitching and Being Authentic

Joan Didion - My Hero

(photo of Joan Didion – My Hero) This Brian Williams thing is making me queasy, almost nausea, and it’s not letting up. I got another set of jokes today and the bottom line is it’s just sad. Someone’s ego has taken them down yet again and all their real, hard earned deeds have been turned to dust and they’ve fallen from the throne into the muck. It’s actually painful to […]

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WTF, New Goals and The Better Kim!


I’ve just either raised or lowered the bar. In actuality I’ve seen the bar for what it is. The barometer of our contentment. Starting this new year, like many of you, I have goals in mind. It ‘s good and necessary to set goals for ourselves. To have something to aspire to, a job to accomplish. Years ago, I read somewhere that where many people get in trouble is when […]

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Age Related

Annie Stein Headshot

Time is like magic. You know in a magic show when the magician saws the box in half and the woman isn’t cut in half but she’s gone? Or the rabbit suddenly disappears after appearing? And the whole audience turns to each other and says where did she go or where’s the rabbit? How often do we see someone we haven’t seen since he or she was a kid, or […]

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