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Brooklyn Heights

Well it’s true.  Having just returned I’m here to testify, Brooklyn is the place to live. Forget Manhattan.  Wow way cool. I kept walking around saying stupid things like this neighborhood looks like Georgetown, much to my daughter’s not dismay but slight irritation with my proclivity for saying places look like other places I really haven’t been to but just imagine look like. I have been to Georgetown, though, and her neighborhood does remind me of it.

The only other thing I really feel like saying about Brooklyn today other than the Ai Wei Wei show at the Brooklyn Museum is spectacular as is the museum itself and the menu in it’s small café, is that I love the irony in the migration of 20 and 30 something professionals paying through the roof to buy  back into the place their grandparents couldn’t wait to climb up out of. Really. The march of time and the value of a dollar just crack me up.

This I will say about Manhattan since Bloomberg ‘s not mayor anymore. It’s filthy. It looked dirty to me with bulging black trash bags shrewn on every curb.  I grew up in NYC. I love NYC. I notice when it’s getting dirty and feeling a bit funky. I remember one summer when there was a sanitation strike. Scary. like we were living on a garbage planet. Not to carry on but a shout out to Mr. de Blasio, you might wanna take out the garbage.

One last thing on this topic. I saw a rat! I swear to God. At about 4 in the afternoon as I was walking out of a stationary shop on Avenue A downtown I  see this fat you know what run past the door way with his fat f-ing tail thinning out for a block behind him. I screamed and jumped at the same time causing the Pakistani gentleman sitting on a chair off to the right of the store entrance to lift his head chuckling up from his newspaper .

Several pedestrians on the street who’d also glimpsed the rat screamed too which gave me comfort in some weird sense of validation.

Brooklyn . Manhattan. Left with much to ponder. And there is definitely much to ponder in and about this world.

But this is the real deal to ponder this week, this amazingly poignant editorial by Arthur C. Brooks from last Saturdays NY Times titled Beware The City Dolls. Am giving the link and a tiny taste and really urge you to take a moment to sit back and read it.

My favorite online magazine share is Yes I am partial, very, but …great recipes, food talk and yes, excellent writing as well!

Fashion tips of the week: ladies over 45, don’t get on this new cut out midriff train…no no, let it choo choo right on by without you.

And men; your hair looks so much better and you looks so much sexier and elegant in some cases, when you let your hair go grey, white or whatever color it naturals devolves into. PLEASE skip that so black it’s orange color if it can be called that.

I ‘ve seen several men recently sporting that look and my first thought after, is he blind, is if he’s got a wife she hates him letting him leave the house like that.And do not, do not, think for one second that the variation on the skunk theme Bill Maher is sporting these days works for him or anyone else!

Please read the Arthur Brooks piece or else I’ll feel like this week  is just fluff n’ nutter.

Peace, love, and not much gossip!

Beware The City Dolls

Beware the City Dolls



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