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They Say It Better


Today I’m having a re-posting party. Not out of laziness, but because the three pieces I’m posting are, too me, touching, informative and important and I so hope you read them. I’ve been pondering a lot lately. With so many things going on in the world, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sadness of it all. But that just leads to inertia and the feeling of being at affect. What […]

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Ba Bye Short Shorts, Hello Getty!

Ba Bye - Annie Stein

Years ago, stopped at a red light, I watched an elderly gentleman cross the street eating a candy bar. Since I was the first car in line and he walked right in front of me, I could see it was a Baby Ruth and I could also see his face as he ate it. He was in heaven. The old man looked like a 10 year old boy just let […]

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WTF, New Goals and The Better Kim!


I’ve just either raised or lowered the bar. In actuality I’ve seen the bar for what it is. The barometer of our contentment. Starting this new year, like many of you, I have goals in mind. It ‘s good and necessary to set goals for ourselves. To have something to aspire to, a job to accomplish. Years ago, I read somewhere that where many people get in trouble is when […]

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Color Coded

multi racial babies

There’s a lesson to be learned from every situation in life; good, bad, or horrific. Sometimes more than one if you pay close attention. A dear friend of mine is in the hospital. She’s had pancreatic cancer for over two years and three weeks ago her colon burst. She’s been in the critical care unit since then and  has undergone six surgeries. Six surgeries in three weeks! She has tubes […]

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Annie Stein

 Like many people I know I’ve just returned from dropping my daughter of at college. My youngest. My baby. The one 6 years and 10 months younger than my first daughter who I’ve always referred to as a “self cleaning oven” because her M. O. from the beginning was to self motivate and get the job done. Not so with my little puppy. Anyone with more than one child can testify […]

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August 22, 1970

photo (11)

Wondering how to start this blog entry – with so much to spout about; writing the date alone solved that minor problem.  August 22nd.  On this day in 1970,  I was 19.  I stood and said I do;  That I would love, honor, and obey, the 29 (30 in September), year old man I was standing beside in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary Catholic Church in Southampton, NY. […]

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She’s Back!

Ron Radiziner Pre fab

Yes indeed I’m back! With several things to blog about. “Blog”,  I have to admit is another word I made fun of and an action I said I’d never ever do.  Who’s the genius who said “never say never”?  I’ve a laundry list of things I do that I swore I never would , from giving a blow job to owning a small dog. The first I heard about at […]

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The Friendship Series

first rose

Starting out with a sob story this week, but no worries; I wont belabor it. It’s reminiscent of my disaster last summer that I chronicled on HuffPo and . Achievable if you care to make that leap! Here is a picture of my first rose of the season. They have been slow bloomers extraordinaire, my sweet roses, scaring me into fearing they might not bloom until the fall. I […]

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Butt, Butt, BUT Yet

Annie Stein

Butts. We have to discuss. Specifically… butt shorts. Ok my friendly readers who are, at this moment, saying, who the hell reading this is wearing butt shorts ?  I know, none of you. I hope; but our teenage girls are and it is to be discussed. No I’ve not turned into “HER” the little old lady on everyone’s block who wagged her finger and shook her head every time one of us paraded by […]

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You Are What you Believe


“Some day you’ll look back at this picture and think how young you looked then.  My husband said this the other day as he was trying to snap a picture of me with his phone and I, yelling, “No, I look so old” was hiding my face behind a hat. A few years ago, a good friend brought over a picture of me she’d found while cleaning out an old […]

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