As expected I’m already in trouble with this thing. Oh yeah.
Am sure to be slapped with a confidentiality clause any second now.
Let’s just say I’ve been put on notice, warned, not to turn this into the life and times of Annie stein Reality show. The Moobs. That’s what did it.
‘Nuff said.

So meanwhile it is a gorgeous day in the neighborhood. Sunny, mild to warm LA day. The view from my office is spectacular, canyons, trees, a house dotted here and there. And there’s a horse across the way that I can’t see to well but when he or she whinny’s it’s carried over to me by the wind and is a treat.
Too bad I’ve got to write about something awful. God Awful The absolute worst and it’s got to stop happening.
That stabbing at the high school.
Dear God these kids need so much help.

I mentioned the Adam Lanzer piece in the New Yorker in an earlier blog. The piece took shape for me again listening to the accounts of the stabbing, what, what do we call it…incident?
Madness, Sadness and Insanity.

There are many troubled kids out there. On the scale of troubled to violent I feel in a very uneasy way, somewhere in my stomach, that the scale tips more towards violent.
We live in a troubled world reflecting troubled times and we are bring kids into the world sometimes who don’t have the strength, mental, emotional or physical to handle it.
We, speaking for any and all of you reading, my friends, family, baby boomer peers and co-horts, it’s hard for us to handle at times too.

A young girl being interviewed by Anderson Cooper at the site this afternoon said what is always said. She’d watched shooting coverage on TV before but never thought it would happen at her school. To her. Of course, she didn’t or she’d go to school in fear every day. We never do because none of us want to operate from fear but from joy and love but the more these horrid things happen that harder that is.

Listen, I’m going to use this thing as a vehicle. As a vehicle to share connect and rant and rave…and yes rage. I want write to inform people about my personal passion; changing Foster Care so that all of these innocent babies get a fair shake at a decent life. There are

wonderful people here in LA doing great things to help and they need to be spot lighted. But right now I am using this new fandangle thing, this train I’ve hopped onto, to say we need to do whatever we can to get mental health help to people, children, who need it. We can not go quietly into the night…not a dark night filled with sickness and violence.
I don’t know what the answers are… but I do know that it is a conversation and an exploration that we have to begin big time.
Meanwhile, and again repeating myself, perhaps, with my earlier reference to not taking the church out of the girl…I think we need to pray. However and to whomever that means to you. Pray. You got nothin’to lose!
I’ve decided ending on a sad note is like going to bed mad…NO Don’t Do It.
So am leaving you with a great tip; go eat cake.
Am working on a piece about Lady M cake shop on 3rd Street just east of Robertson Blvd here in LA. ( several in NYC ) Believe me, a slice of Lady M cake will be a real come to Jesus moment . Thank You Jesus for this amazing cake and all things chocolate!
Better now, huh.


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