I’ve decided my blog entries gotta lighten up! In thinking about my last 2, it occurred to me that they could be, hmmm… too heavy…too, I don’t want to say preachy…but… You can take the girl outta church but sometimes ya can’t take the church outta the girl.

OK OK, am here to talk shop. As in shopping. Also, I feel it’s a good time to touch on “Moobs”. Men’s boobs . A delicate, but real subject.

Want to share that I get asked where I buy my jeans all the time. Alright quite often. So here’s the skinny on my jeans. Gap. Seriously. Not a Seven for All Mankind or New Religion in the bunch.


Gap 1969 jeans are the BOMB… (Trust me to grab on to a word that is out, but like “A Hole”, the BOMB cracks me up!) But they really are…they come in slim cut, boot cut, straight leg. Try them all, find your fave. Seriously no one needs 200 dollar jeans, kids. (Although all us girls need the brown suede Louboutin boots Robin Wright wore on the final episode of season 2 House of Cards…oh yeah…)

Moving on to MOOBS. A subject we’ve, in my house, have been cognoscente of for several years.

Men over a certain age get saggy boobs too. Yes they do, and I’ve just said it! It’s cool. We are all starting to hang in some place (or many) and it’s all good. But just don’t take your sweater or jacket off if you are a man over 50 wearing a white t shirt with no undershirt. No. Not good.

At lunch the other day I saw a great looking man, 55 to 60-ish…lovely looking guy, jeans, navy v neck cashmere sweater over a white T, salt n pepper hair, happy eyes…a real pleasure to look at. Then he got hot and took the sweater off. Shouldn’t have done that. Better to schvitz. No one enjoys looking at a man who needs a C cup.
Just sayin.’

Signing off with 3 big shares:

  • The Hammer Gallery in Westwood is a treasure! Always free, great exhibits, up now the Tea and Morphine show is beautiful.
  • Style expert Marilyn Portanova is now free lancing again and is THE GO TO Stylist for anyone of taste over 40. More on that later.
  • Lisa Bittan is back from her latest buying trip to India with a fiesta of beautiful linens and fabrics. (yaliving.com)

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