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There is a funny story I’m dying to share but sadly not today. The news from Africa this week has knocked all of the funny out of me. The first thought I had sitting down to write this morning was ENOUGH…there’s been enough written about this already this week by those far more knowledgeable than me.  Then again, new knowledge is not what I have to offer.  My second thought and the one I’m going with is…there can Not be enough written about this.

This is not about Nigeria and what is going on there at this particular moment. Nigeria is , at this moment in time, the catalyst to wake us all, shake us all into action. I am praying many of you and millions more watched the CBS Morning show this morning with Nic Kristoff and that amazing nun from Nigeria. Please click on and watch. The message is as clear as a 10 foot neon sign smack dab in front of our faces; STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.  WORLDWIDE.

Stop the kidnapping, stop the rapping, stop the sex trafficking.

Stop the domestic abuse, stop the verbal abuse, stop the discrimination.

These things have gone on long enough. They have grown, festered, and spread like a deadly poisonous infection far to long and now have erupted in Nigeria for all of us to see and deal with.

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It’s Mother’s Day in two days. Not to be a downer but please think for just a few seconds about all of the moms in the world, Nigeria, Russia, China, America who don’t know where their daughter’s are or if they are alive. Just for a few seconds as any more could be too painful and then please, please, PLEASE take a few moments to either call or email your congress person.

Stop The Violence against Women is all you need to say. It’s all we all need to stand up and say and keep saying loud and clear until it stops.

And this is all I am saying this week because my heart hurts too much to say much more.

In closing, I am asking you again, no, I’m actually going to beg you because I find no shame at all in begging for my children or anyone elses, please take action. Whatever voice you have now is the time to use it.

Happy Mother’s Day . Have Hope. Send Love. That’s all she wrote.


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