It’s Saturday morning of this powerful weekend. Passover and Easter on the same weekend. And because I’m out in the desert with a healthy imagination and a spiritual bent, I’m sitting out looking out at the mountains contemplating both of those original events and their meaning, message, and gifts to us. Freedom from bondage and redemption. The power of both is beyond wonderful and truly to be hoped for. Whatever it is that holds you in bondage. IMG_1273My daughter Siena forwarded me a beautiful Passover talk yesterday by a rabbi who wrote about freedom from shame. In his case it was the shame of his father’s suicide. He wrote of the shame attached to mental and emotional illness, depression, and a family member’s suicide. In my world as I have experienced it, one wants to be a do-er, an achiever. To be productive and accomplished. To be active, getting things done, and having lots to show for it. Being depressed, lost, feeling like it’s all to much and wanting to cut bait is not what one wants to stand up and be counted for. So keeping feelings like that under wraps is bondage. The pressure to excel, to have it all figured out while wearing a happy face could weigh one down. What enslaves you? Sometimes it’s something real, sometimes it’s imagined, and many times it’s not even yours but rather some thought or belief someone else instilled that you’ve been touting around for years, that you are ready to caste off. IMG_1228  IMG_1260  IMG_1259 To me the beautiful part of these holidays or holy days isn’t the chocolate eggs or money you won finding the matzah but having the chance to meditate on the power of their meaning. Easter is about the dying of sin and being born anew, clean … In my common lingo forgiving yourself and starting all over again fresh. A new day. Letting go of the slights, the hurts, the offenses others have done or I’ve done to others, forgiving myself and beginning again. The stories from the past about coming out of Egypt or rising from the grave are to help us remember and respect the past, where we’ve come from, and to remind us redemption is always an option. I wish I could capture and include the true beauty of the desert mountains I’m looking at right now and the sound of the morning quiet I’m sitting in as I write this. IMG_1249Better than a chocolate bunny or a basket of jellybeans! So whether you are hiding Easter eggs this weekend or pieces of Matzoh, I am hoping you give yourself the gift of reflecting on what you can be free from and the power of rising again clean and hopeful. I wasn’t going to blog this weekend and yeah out of laziness! I’m on a break away in the desert on a mini vacation thinking I wouldn’t do much but allow myself to be lazy. But Siena sent me the Rabbi’s speech on being free from the bondage of his shame about his father’s depression and suicide and then my friend Mary Ann mentioned she wanted to talk to her children about the meaning of Easter, so how could I not get up early to sit looking at this beautiful desert and listen to it’s silence. And jot down a few words to remind myself of the power of hope. And as usual, send love.

AS Caring about the state of the world, sharing hope for it and wearing : tons of sunscreen out here in the desert!!!

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Whte Alumni by Guy Dill

Whte Alumni by Guy Dill


A Guy and his daughter

A Guy and his daughter


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  1. Patsy says:

    A beautiful way to start the day. The you for sharing Annie. Happy Easter … a new day.

  2. Lovely. Just returned from a solo hike in Temescal canyon and this is exactly how I felt but you articulated it. Thank you.

  3. Philip Smith says:

    So well stated. Thank You. What a time Passover, Easter and The Blood Moon is Renewal and Re-Birth!! Amen and Love to All !! With Gratitude,

  4. Harper Dill says:

    I love this so much! xo

  5. Reading this gave me a breath of fresh air Wow. I loved the idea of renewal. I am actually feeling it but didn’t know what I was experiencing until you put into words for me. Thank you for caring and sharing

  6. Annie,
    I love the part when you say that easter is when we are reborn and when we have a fresh start! So inspirational! KEEP WRITING!!!
    Matty O’Neill

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