Ok, I know I’m going to be preaching to the choir here, but choir, listen up. It’s time to sing out.
Being pissed off, disheartened, frustrated, and disgusted by what’s going on in this county – be it quietly or loudly in your mind or with friends – just isn’t good enough.
The horrific lack of respect shown to our president is intolerable. Whether from Republican Congress members (Sen. Tom Cotton, shame on you), other politicians, or lay persons, it has gone way beyond low. Never has the office of the presidency of the U.S. been so disrespected.
Maybe letters to leading Republicans is what is needed.
Many letters. Informing them that this disrespect weakens the fiber of our country to it’s core. It’s soul.

It is hate in the form of seething racism. It is. The lighter it gets out here in the world, the more the darkness fears it.
There is intense fear that has aided and abetted the creation of haters who are so afraid that a person of color, of a different religion, a different gender bias will take something away from them. Be it work, love, honor, approval, a woman, a man, money, a place in heaven, or land. There won’t be enough if a black man, brown woman, Arab, Jew, Catholic, gay person gets one . There won’t be enough, so let’s hate the minority and get everyone’s agreement and validation on it and then we’ll be OK. We’ll keep them back.

The world will never have a chance for peace if this continues. It’s gone on way, way, way too long. We all should have learned by now.
It isn’t too late, though.
Last week on HBO’S Vice series, Dr. Eric Rignot, said it’s too late for the glaciers in Antarctica. They are melting and by the end of this century many towns, cities, and states will be under water. Shown in HD, seaside towns in Bangladesh consisting of ruined shacks, hills of damp garbage, and farmers wading through water logged rice paddies are evidence of what’s to come. Will the world be under water before we learn to live peacefully and help each other instead of hate each other? Or do you think there’s even a slim chance we’ll learn before it’s too late?


My husband and I were talking about a friend’s son this morning and if he’s come out yet. At 12 he is still not proclaiming his gender preference or true sexual identity, although since 2 he has shown a preference for dressing hair on dolls and making outfits. Gender preferences can manifest in many ways now, not just gay or straight, and my husband and I spoke about it lovingly and nonchalantly as it should be. We talked about what kids with gender confusion or gay leanings did before all this acceptance and the answer of course, was suffer. Suicide even.
My husband said it’s so much better and more accepted now because so many people have someone gay in their family and coming out has been made easier by all of the brave who have paved the way.
The key is to get to know someone gay, black, brown, white, transgender and see she/he has the same father/mother/money problems you do. Maybe they struggled with math or English or couldn’t throw a ball or loves cooking the same way you do.
We must see that no matter what she/he believes, or what their word for God is, there is a Supreme Being of Light and Good and Order. If we are kind, if we help each other and tell one another the truth, if we give and take in equal measure to the world, then this God will be seen and manifested.

The concept of Do unto Others as You would have them do to You is the key, folks.
Obama does not deserve this disrespect. No one does. But a man who will take on the job the way he has of trying to steer the “most powerful” country in the word out of massive problems he did not create, battling with loss of sleep, family time, dark hair, and probably good digestion, any man who will take on the humongous job of being the president of the U.S. of A. should be thanked. Yes, even bowed to for even attempting to make things better for ungrateful, scared, badly behaved people.
Really and truly.

Power Couple

Power Couple

It is so apparent that as blacks get better ratings on television (Empire’s popularity is sky high), more visibility in business and law, and – holiest of holy – more common in the bedroom with a partner of a different race, fear is stirred. Are they going to be so good there won’t be enough room for us whites …in the studio, the boardroom or, God Forbid, the bedroom anymore? That questions is what causes Frat boys to sing vulgar, outdated songs that should never have been written.

Look, I know I’ve been on a huge rant but this blog is really about sharing and caring. This reminder is to say I do think we all need to be vocal, in whatever way, to speak up and out. I reference the film Network a lot, but that’s the beauty of good art. Its well written screenplays, truthful sentences, thoughts, and pictures are there to draw from and set us straight.
Open your windows and scream “I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Network Poster

Speaking of really preaching to the choir:

My beloved choir, The Brookinaires Gospel Choir will be singing at FAME this Sunday.
The 8am, 10am and 12pm services.
The choir sounds amazing (as always) this week and the 12pm service will be preached by Rev Cecil “Chip” Murray, the pastor of FAME from 1977 to 2004, who besides being a Senior Fellow at the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at USC, preaches the house down.

USC Fellow, Political Activist "Chip"Murray

USC Fellow, Political Activist “Chip”Murray

Great soloist at the 12 too!!!
Fame Church (2270 S Harvard Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018)
Come, it’s sooo uplifting and fun !

Wishing you well, as usual, with Love.



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  1. Kate says:

    You are a lovely person! Thank you for speaking my mind. It reminds me I am not alone in my prayers for the world. We visited the church the last time you mentioned the service and we saw the white lady in the choir singing her heart out and moving her body. Had no idea it was you. Keep rocking it, sister.

  2. Matty says:

    Hi Annie,
    That blog was beautiful and truly written from the heart! Everything you said was so true and it was really meaningful to me!!
    With love,


  3. Pat says:

    Beautifully said. I don’t think anyone could convey the sentiments better. I just wish more people would take heed.

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