Now that we are several weeks past the Oscars and the poor and frightening face lifts have been discussed and written to death, wouldn’t you know I still have something to say!

What bugged me the most, and let me say that the bad plastic surgery saddened and sickened me and I still may have a few comments about it, the thing that still sticks to me like a parasite picked up on vacation in Mexico, was Ellen’s mean comment about Liza with a Z.

So unnecessary, so un-called for, so unfunny.

And such a classic case of a bully picking on the weakest kid in the school yard.

Because the truth is Liza Minnelli was the most vulnerable soul in the room that night. She was also someone who didn’t deserve such a cheap shot.

Am I a big Liza fan? Am not even a little one. And I was an Ellen fan before that night. Before that useless crack. Before she showed the school yard what a bully she either was or has become.

The question remains, why? For a laugh? Does she have a personal vendetta against the poor woman? Did her joke writer write it and she didn’t have the good sense to omit it?

Whatever the reason it comes down to this; it was mean.

Mean is just so damn uncool. So immature, so little and so low. It is just so… mean.

As a mother of two girls I know all about mean. I’ve spent 25 years of my life studying the subject and here to say we won’t end it by talking about it. We won’t end it by writing about it either, sad to say. The only hope we have to eradicate it is by setting an example.

Matthew McConaughey didn’t have to utter a word. All he had to do was stand on that stage, put his arm around Kim Novak, speak softly to her and literally take care of the woman. He behaved like a true gentleman for the entire world to see and all of the boys to emulate. Yes, we treat our elders kindly and with care. Even if their faces are lopsided and they don’t know what the hell they are saying.

And another thing…wouldn’t we think, hope, and pray that someone who has been marginalized or part of a minority (such as a gay woman) would through her own pain, be more empathetic. We would wouldn’t we.

Meanness leads to no good, it leads to hurt, it leads to war. There’s really no point in it at all.

So Ellen, so all of us, can we make an effort, the way we do now with our paper and plastic products by recycling them for the good of the planet, to do away with mean.

Yes, for the good of the planet.


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