Ron Radiziner Pre fabYes indeed I’m back! With several things to blog about. “Blog”,  I have to admit is another word I made fun of and an action I said I’d never ever do.  Who’s the genius who said “never say never”?  I’ve a laundry list of things I do that I swore I never would , from giving a blow job to owning a small dog. The first I heard about at 16 in study hall of my all girls Catholic boarding school and the second kinda speaks for itself. But…heck , I’ve lived a long time and now, well now I’m blogging! And before getting off the subject completely having lived a long time, “never say never” has become one of my mantras.

So much has been going on over the past two weeks that could get me going in several different directions. With a rant at my heels. I am going to stick with my plan though as it’s been bugging me that I haven’t responded to comments and questions from readers (my readers…I love that and I love you so please keep it up !) regarding earlier posts.

I’m just winding up a 2 week stay in Nipomo, a three hour drive north of LA  up on  California’s  central coast. Land of strawberry fields, horses, oak trees and more prefab houses than I’ve ever seen. I have a new found respect for prefab houses and the wonders one can do with them. Up here it’s all about the land, fields, terrain and sky. You get so much sky living in smaller, lower houses, leaving more land. A lot more sky and it’s beautiful.

OK,  so after maybe  a month or two up here with the neighboring dogs, Dusty and Bodi from down the road, coming to pick my two boys, Turtle and Petey, to play, with  his owner, Aiden, an adorable 3 years old boy with platinum hair that reaches his butt, (his words not mine) trailing behind, I’d go stir crazy. But I don’t know. Right now sitting at this desk, inside this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom manufactured house on five acres, looking out the windows, all of the windows in the whole place, all I see are trees, trees and brush, and a white fence way across the front yard.  People on horseback once or twice a day, and it is divine ! Reading, writing, listening to music, living lightly on the land is something I highly recommend for everyone. Get quiet to hear your soul and what it has to say.

Before getting into the heart of this entry, which is responding, as I said, I gotta say I  did see Obama’s press conference yesterday and the poor dude is looking old before his time. His hair has 3 minuets to go before it’s completely grey. And, God Bless the man, he looked weary. Bone tired and weary. As well he must be. Who among us would want that job. Looking at him, I kept thinking how does he sleep with all the shit that’s going down. My heart was hurting for him. And on that note…whatever faith or religion you aspire to, believe in, practice or shun, if you meditate, or honor the earth, whatever you do that constitutes prayer for you, will you please pray? I believe with my whole heart that prayer changes things, and this planet as we know it needs a lot of things to change. So please in your own way, will you pray for things to come right in this place?

Several people wanted to know what happened to Junior the dog from my Father’s Day piece. Last seen Junior was in the operating room having  the surgery that I wrote cost 4 grand, but in truth, cost 10. Dr Olu having given the go ahead. Junior lived for 2 days after his operation and to this day Dr Olu has never uttered a word about the cost of the surgery. That is, in fact, why he got the Father’s Day crown


The friendship series got lots of action.  Struck a cord, perhaps a heart string.  My oh my, people called in! Kept calling in on that. Mary Ann brought up the subject of girlfriends being able to get mad at each other and having it be alright. Just  like we are with husbands and kids when stuff bugs us. We don’t know how to do that, a lot of us.

Lori Todd threw in something that I flashed back and saw myself doing and felt yukky about.  She said one of her pet peeves was not really lateness, but the late birds who fly in taking all the oxygen out of the room. Late as hell, huffing and puffing out their story of why, the guilt of which drives them to dramatize to an obnoxious point, leaving no air in the room.

Hopefully I wasn’t that bad…

Last but not least, (you may note by now that tops the list of my most used phrases ) a few Fridays ago, I was driving my car listening to NPR when I heard the most heinous thing. I need to share it so you can fight it.

Ever hear of “re-homing ” ? I hadn’t.  Sounds benign, huh? Like having to do with pigeons maybe, but it’s the despicable practice of adopting out your adopted child that you no longer want to keep, mainly through the Internet.

You follow? Jane Doe adopts a little girl from Russia and two years later when that girl’s too much to handle, Jane Doe feels she’ll just find her a new home and be done with it. So she goes online and finds people desperate to adopt her baby girl, chooses a couple that sound fine and drives Russian baby there, bags and bedding, and drops her off, saying have a good life.

Two weeks later the new parents and the Russian girl are nowhere to be found. A month later when they are found they turn out to have criminal records and have been forcing the poor girl to sleep in their bed with them every night. Naked.

Re-homing, has been written about  over the last six months or so. Pay attention to it, please. It really is heinous. If you want to learn more;

The other thing that I SO hoped I didn’t have to bring up, but damn, I do, are the still missing kidnapped school girls in Nigeria. There’s  so much other shit going on that’s pushed it out of the news completely, as is the way of it, but we need to stay on it as best we can. Those girls are still missing. The heat is off the president of Nigeria  because people are  dying in the streets of Israel, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and the Ukraine, to name a few. Planes are being downed, and Ebola has come to Atlanta …all too too much, guys, I agree.

BUT,  if you could take 5 minutes to go on Amnesty International... and find out how to shout out.

Some things we just have to keep shouting about.


dogs walkin in Nipomo


That’s all the Sharing and Caring for today , day 2 of August.

Wear shorts. It’s hot.

(…no butt shorts!)











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