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By now you (readers near and hopefully far) know what excites me and drives me to bang these keys; People and their stories. My firm belief is if you scratch the surface everyone has a story worth listening to.  Some inspire more, and those are the ones’ that grab me and entice me into sharing.  So here’s one that knocked me flat out on my skinny white bottom.

Am giving it to you extremely short, hopefully sweet, and am almost begging you to click on the link and hear it told by the true life characters themselves.

Right…who has the time?  Make the time…You’ll be, in the words of that adorable café au lait colored high hatted singer, “HAPPY!”

In brief; 19 year old Australian girl, natural beauty, goes soul searching through the Aussie Outback, trekking 1,700 miles with only 3 camels and her beloved dog, funded by a grant from National Geographic.

NG sends 28 year old nerdy photographer to 5 of her locations along her route to document her vision quest. Girl meets obstacles, no water, dessert animals, resents photographer snapping her like she’s Cindy Crawford, beloved dog dies. Highlights: girl meets Aborigine wise man, takes him along, photographer shoots her naked swimming in a quarry, wins her over, they fall in love and finish the trip together.

The End.

Her destination and determination are both mind blogging and breath taking. That someone so young could be so committed to her inner vision and be so brave inspires me for mankind.

Her story made the cover of National Geographic, became a best selling memoir called Inside Tracks and is now a movie, Tracks, produced by See Saw Films, the production company that made the academy award winning film The Kings Speech.

Nerdy photographer’s gorgeous photo’s are now on exhibit at the Annenberg Center for Photography.

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Why is this my Sharing, Caring and what we’re wearing (khaki, lots of khaki, and washed down plaid shirts kids!)  post? Because if you are having a moment, a day, or God forbid, a month or more thinking you just can’t do it…whatever the hell “it” might be, click on to this baby. You wanna see “where there’s a will there’s a way” in living color?

Here it is….

As always, with love AS

P.S.  If you’re not too tapped out..nerdy photographer, (ok, he’s got a name.  Rick Smolan) has kickstarter campaign that ends this Friday for a coffee table book of the photographs in the exhibit.


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