This morning when I got into my car and turned it on Don Henley was singing “everything thing is different now “ over and over as the last song I was listening to on my drive home last night ended.
“Everything is different now” I sang with Don.

A terrorist’s job is to terrorize. To fill one with extreme fear.
They, the terrorists, are doing a damn good job.
They are also reminding us of a higher truth; we are not, any of us, promised a tomorrow.
We aren’t even promised another ten minutes.
Or that we will make it through something as benign as attending a concert.
We just aren’t, no matter how good we are. To appreciate that on the deepest level is to live fully each moment.
If I give into this incredible urge I have to hop on a plane and fly to London to bring my daughter home from college there,” they” win.
If I fly to Boston and drag her sister home, as I would love to do, they win.
If on my way to my doctor’s office in Beverly Hills I pass a woman dressed in a hijab and “bad vibe” her, they win.
I wish I knew that my prayers and yours will change all this. I do believe in the power of prayer.
I wish I believed as strongly as my friend Rev John Cager does or the late Rabbi Sheryl Lewart who Bat Mitzvah-ed my daughter did. I pray to believe like them.
But this I do believe wholeheartedly; hate begets hate and fear breeds more fear.
Hold on to your joy. Express your love. Make music, read books, plant in your garden, explore the world.
Live your life fully, be kind, find and spread joy and hopefully they won’t win.

The share is by a poet who articulates a feeling I share about what happened in Paris that has affected us all.
So this post short, as promised, but it sure ain’t funny.
As usual sent with love…and hope


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