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Woof Woof Wednesday

Well, we’ve had Black Friday, Cyber Monday, today as I hit these keys , is Giving Tuesday! Tomorrow, when hopefully you’ll be reading this, it’ll be Woof Woof Wednesday. And why you ask…read on Dear Readers, read on! First of all let me start with a sentence I keep reminding myself of;
Remember the reason for the season. It’s about giving.

With that in mind there is an amazing woman doing amazing work. She’s not crazy but she sure is committed!

Helen Storey rescues dogs not for a living but as her life’s work. A talented painter and writer, she has chosen instead to follow her passion for saving animals. Dogs in particular but she’s been known to help cats and the occasional coyote as well.Again, with Helen this isn’t a hobby but her life’s work.

For over 10 years she’s been one of the go to people known by shelters , clinics, and vets throughout the Los Angeles area. She is the one known for going the extra mile and not only rescuing a dog but seeing it through each and every step from medical attention to being placed in a loving and correct home. Helen, an expert on “hording” is the one animal authorities call when they find those outrageously horrific hording situations.

Two years ago, Helen spent several months driving back and forth to San Diego county on a bi weekly basis rescuing over 200 puppies found in some nut jobs basement. Can you imagine, 200 innocent puppies some demented soul had both in a basement and hidden on her property.

Yes life is indeed stranger than fiction.

Helen was on the board of Much Love animal rescue for many years and started her own non profit organization called Creature Kind two years ago. Since then she’s saved, healed, and placed almost 300 dogs.

The problem is that she is so busy driving all over LA and the outlying areas picking up the dogs, driving them to vets, picking them up from vets, making calls to find them homes, checking out perspective homes, then driving the dogs to their new homes and making sure that it is a correct fit… who the hell has time to fund raise.

So basically; she is her main donor and numero uno sponsor. But… YO HO HO…as the reason for the season is giving, perhaps we can help. Please check out the photo’s of the four legged friends ( one one 3 legged pal!) Helen has single handedly saved over the past year.

If you are a dog lover and want to make a Holiday Donation this year, please think about donating to Creature Kind, where every cent goes to caring for the dogs. Tax deductable as well as a very good deed.
So there you have it kids, Woof Woof Wednesday!!!

CK’s Mission statement; “working toward a future where animal suffering is a thing of the past“
Tax-Deductible donations can be made via paypal on our Facebook page You can help by Liking us on Facebook

OR Mailed to :
P.O Box 112

And on another more tangible note:
If you are looking for a GREAT Holiday SALE with beautiful well priced gifts here are the two best ones in town this season.
Tuesday DECEMBER 8th from 4PM to 7pm ****** Hilary Beane Jewelry and Glenda Ganis Leather Goods. Hosted by Cynthia Oredugba.
Saturday DECEMBER 12th Rumba Holiday Sale 10-5

At Rumba:
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Both will be Tons of fun, and Stocked with Gorgeous Goods!
Last but not least….the holidays are …well…lets just say they too can be naughty or nice. If we can think giving over getting, and remember it can be a lonely time for some people, and try to be extra loving…well I think Santa will come and light your menorah!!
As usual, with love, AS


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  1. Glenn says:

    Dear Annie:
    Thanks a bunch for the shout out for Hilary & me. Appreciate it very much. Hope to see you one of these days!
    Warm regards,

  2. Sara Gepp says:

    Just LOVE this article. I had to read it again :)

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